Digital Roots is a proud Canadian creative agency specializing in design and marketing with more than 17 years of experience crafting innovative ideas and creating memorable projects with the purpose of
Growing People — Brands — & Communities.

Our Philosophy


Create with Passion.
Love everything you do. Create with Passion.


Inspire with Innovation.
Create a bright future with innovative ideas.


Lead with Honesty.
Love what you do. Create with Passion.


Work with Passion.
Love what you do. Create with Passion.

Discover career opportunities
that play to your strengths

We believe in creating a new type of workplace for all with the purpose of businesses growing communities while providing opportunities and a positive environment for our team members to grow and soar to new heights.
Think you’d be a strong fit to join the team at Digital Roots?
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Open Positions
Unfortunately, there are currently no new open position.
If you are interested in joining our team, feel feel to send your resume, cover letter, and past work portfolio (if applicable) and we will happily reach out to you when a new position is open.

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