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Why should I work with Digital Roots?

With over 17 years of experience and knowledge within the most competitive markets in Canada, we’ve stood out as one of Atlantic Canada's best creative agencies for website and app design & development along with marketing and branding with a handful of key reasons that are evident in our client testimonials.

We deliver highly creative and functional web services that convert web traffic into business success.
We take communication and responsiveness seriously and respond to requests quickly to set clear expectations.
We strive for pixel-perfect attention to detail.
We are flexible and understand that needs and goals sometimes change mid-project.
Our Clutch rank number showcases us as a top web design and development agency in Canada.
We have a proven track record working with some of the worlds largest organizations.
We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with our results driven focus.

Ready to work with our award winning team of experts? Contact us today to get started and grow your organization to new heights.

What is your creative process like?

We have built a successful six-step design and development process over nearly two decades working with clients across the globe and we encourage our clients to play an active role in our process, whether your project is a new website, marketing to gain new business, or a special brand event.

No one understands your organization and customers better than you do and the experience, expertise, and information you bring to the table are a key part of the discovery and strategy phases of all of our projects processes. Learn more about our six-step web design process.

Ready to start your next project with an award-winning team? Contact our team today to grow your organization to new heights.

How much does a logo design cost?

Logo design projects are the most difficult type of graphic design projects to price out. Logo design and branding are the foundation of all the marketing you will create to promote your business or product for years to come. It is incredibly important and personal to get the logo of your brand right the first time and often requires business owners to make big decisions.
We approach logo design projects in two ways:

1. New logo design: in this type of project we create 3-5 brand new custom logo design concepts. Through the revision process with our clients, we narrow these down to a winning concept and work together to refine the artwork before preparing the brand identity manual and business systems including business card design and social profile graphics. New logo design starts at $7,500 and include a starting point for your organizations brand manual.

2. Brand refresh: in this type of project we are not creating a whole new identity from scratch, but instead, working with your existing brand to give it a face-lift, or refresh so that we are not completely overhauling a brand that holds value with an existing customer base. Instead, we breathe new life into the brand for years to come. This type of project varies around $5,000.

Contact us today to discuss your branding options and receive a free quote for your project.

How much does a website cost start to finish?

This is a tricky question as every website is unique in many ways.
However, when we break down typical web-design projects into four tiers and look at the average cost including web development here’s where we land:

Microsite design and development projects range from $7,000 to $20,000.
Typical Marketing-based websites range from $25,000 to $30,000.
eCommerce web design starts around $35,000; and.
Highly customized or interactive website development such as custom portals or membership sites start at $50,000.

Contact our team today to discuss your website needs and we will begin building an estimate for your project together.

Do you use templates in your designs?

No, we do not use templates of any kind in our custom web design work. All of our design and web development services are created from scratch and tailored to meet the individual and highly specific needs of each and every client. Your brands is unique and you should keep it that way, otherwise standing out from the crowd becomes impossible if everyone looks the same.

We do not work with pre-made or purchased website templates as these types of assets tend to be very rigid and require a significant amount of discovery on behalf of our web development team to fully understand the configuration of each theme and its web pages. We specialize in web development from the ground up and hand-crafted design that is tailored to each and every client’s needs. The only way to achieve this is by working with our clients to identify their goals, strengths, weaknesses and starting from scratch each and every time. Using premade website templates limit the type of design and development we can provide our clients and hinder our ability to help them meet their goals. To learn more about our custom website design and development services contact our team today.

Do you offer search engine optimization (SEO)?

Yes, we do offer search engine optimization services in order to allow your website to be seen through the crowd. Our agency is in a very unique position as we are afforded countless opportunities to work with SEO professionals around the world such as teams at Google on behalf of our clients on a daily basis. Through these experiences, we have honed our SEO skillset and ensure that our search engine knowledge is always up-to-date. Though we do not often provide, if you hire Digital Roots is develop a new website, we'll take care of the SEO  for you.

Contact us to learn more about our Search Engine Optimization services and discover how we can grow your business.

What other graphic design services do you offer?

Our firm started out as a graphic design company in 2013. Over the last decade, we have focused primarily on custom website design, web development, along with marketing and branding.

Though our creative agency does not actively seek out projects requiring alternative design modalities, we do provide a number of graphic design services to existing clients in tandem with digital marketing projects, including:

Packaging design
Print design (brochures, annual reports and direct mailers)
Tradeshow and event graphics (booths, banners, etc.)
Social media profile graphics
HTML email design and development
and more, available upon request.

Get in touch today to learn more about our extensive graphic design skillset and receive a free quote for your business.

Do you offer any marketing services?

We do indeed, in fact, marketing is one of our key areas of expertise. Our marketing services cover both online marketing and offline marketing in order to create a true omnipresent brand experience so that your business/organization can grow faster than ever.

To learn more about our extensive marketing skill-sets and how we can help your brand, visit our marketing solutions page for more information. Ready to grow your brand through online or offline marketing? Contact our team today to get started.

Does Digital Roots work with startups?

Yes, absolutely! Although we primarily work with large organizations, working with startups all over Canada and across the globe to get their new business up and running is always an exciting part of our work.

The opportunity to get in on the ground floor and build a brand and website from scratch is an incredibly rewarding project for our teams. To learn more about how we can help your startup get off the ground contact our team today.

How big is Digital Roots?

We are a Canadian creative agency with a proud fast growing team of over 30 members spanning 6 countries speaking 10+ different languages. Diversity in knowledge, experience, location, and skill-sets is simply another one of our specializations that allows our work to truly stand out for our clients.

Our teams are balanced to deliver efficient results on time when it comes to tackling projects for clients of all shapes and sizes, regardless of their industry, location, and spoken language. Our team went primarily virtual in 2018 and has enjoyed the benefits of a greater work-life balance along with our growing success.

To learn more about how our passionate teams can help your business grow, contact us today.

Do you create web content?

Whether you are looking for written blog articles, branded videos, or graphic design and photo based content, our teams of specialized experts have your back at every angle. Our staff at Digital Roots not only specialize in website design and development and graphic design, we are also experts in marketing and branding which allows us to overlap and combine each world to create powerful, moving content to grow your brand and attract life long loyal customers.

Need help creating content for your brand? Contact our team today.

Do you offer photography or video production?

No, we do not offer professional photography or video production services, however, we do have several contacts throughout Canada that we are happy to incorporate into projects or simply refer to our clients to work with directly.

Additionally, if you have a photographer or videographer in mind, we are more than happy to work with them to craft your project together into an outstanding success.

Can you fix my website?

Unfortunately, this is a case by case answer. Generally, we no longer take on projects that require working with websites that another agency has created.

The decision to stop accepting this type of work was a difficult one as we don’t like to turn people away. However, accepting a project of this nature requires a very significant investment in discovery by our internet design team to break down and analyze the existing website to fully understand how it works, how it has been built and how everything is connected. By the end of what may seem like a very straight forward project, the total budget is fairly close to what we would expect from a new website design and development endeavor, but often with limited improvements.

Do you work with companies outside of Canada?

Absolutely, we have been honored and proud to work with companies and brands not only in Canada, but all over the world.

The majority of our clients reside in North America and Europe, however, we maintain relationships with clients and partners across the globe.

Fun fact, our fast growing agency consists of over 30 team members located in 6 countries with over 10 different languages spoken.

Our team members are fluent in the following languages...
and many more.

Regardless of your location, feel free to contact our team of passionate experts and let us know about your project. We are always happy to help.

How can I get an estimate for my project?

We love talking shop! If you have questions about our experience or expertise and how we can help you grow, we would love to chat together. Visit our contact page to get the conversation started.

If you are ready to inquire about a quote for your project you can call our agency at (709) 770-7363 or complete our online quote form and provide as much detail as you can. What are your goals? What is your timeline? What is your target budget?

The most efficient and accurate way to get a formal proposal for your business is to provide an RFP or project brief that our web designers can review. These documents can be easily sent to our team at grow@digitalrootsbranding.com.

What website platforms do you work with?

In the new age of technology and connectivity, there really are not many platforms we can’t work with and integrate into your website.

Our design and marketing agency specializes in open source web development meaning we are an all code agency. With that said, once your website is complete, we offer a complementary easy to use Design Editor so that whenever you want to make updates, your team can easily do so without having to write any code, simply drag and drop. Additionally, we provide exclusive content and training to all of our website development clients, completely complementary.

In most cases, we are integrating one or more different platforms within each and every website including CRM’s (Client Relationship Management Systems), CMS's (Content Management Systems), ERP’s (Enterprise Resource Planning), email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, along with analytics like Google Analytics, appointment booking services, marketing features, and or payment processors such as PayPal and or Stripe.

The possibilities truly are endless when working with Digital Roots creative agency.

In launch your new website and grow your business to new heights, contact our team today.

What eCommerce platforms do you work with?

Our in-house developers specialize in creating a complete custom tailored experience for our clients while believing in taking away the hassle for our clients both during development and once completed. What does that all mean for you? It means we code our clients websites from the ground up, allowing our web designers to provide highly customized online stores for our clients with full creative freedom and flexibility.

We do dabble with other platforms such as Wordpress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento occasionally however we have found the most success and flexibility when building from the ground up.

Additionally, our expert web developers often create customized payment gateways integrated directly into client websites using payment processors such as Moneris, Chase Paymentech, Stripe and many others.

To learn more about our custom e-Commerce website design solutions, contact us today.

What CRM's do you work with?

CRM = Client Relationship Management system.
Though we do not work “in” the CRM’s, we have extensive experience integrating many of the most widely used client relationship management tools available today, including:
- Hubspot
- Pipedrive
- Salesforce
- Marketo and more.

Additionally, our team can set up and design your CRM so that it is custom tailored to your organization. Contact us today for more information and receive a complementary quote.

Who will be working on my project?

In most cases, you will only deal directly with our project manager. Occasionally, during review sessions or meetings you may interact with our web design and development team members assigned to your project to provide increased clarity and direction. We have chosen to take this direction after over a decade of professional experience as it allows for better results with less communication error between clients and the agency. We don’t believe in playing the broken telephone game when it comes to client communications.

Are you an accredited design & marketing agency?

Yes, we are fully accredited and enjoy an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have also won several awards and commendations for website and UX design as well as web development from platforms such as Clutch that focus on quality rankings for creative agencies.

What industries or types of clients do you work with?

We work with clients ranging from enterprise-level to small business categories depending on project size. We have been a staple in the Canadian web design and marketing industries since 2013 and expanded our client-base across Canada and North America over the last decade working with some of the world’s most exciting brands.

We believe in approaching each project with a hand-crafted approach to help each client meet their unique goals rather than offering a one size fits all solution. Thus, we work with most industries and sizes of clients, regardless of location, given the client is qualified. To find out if your organization qualifies to work with Digital Roots creative agency, schedule a quick and easy Discovery session with our team.

To learn more about the businesses we have helped grow over the years visit our portfolio to read in-depth case studies and project overviews detailing how we have helped each client meet and exceed their marketing goals.

Do you offer mobile app development services?

Yes, we do indeed develop mobile applications along with web based software. In fact, this is one of the many areas that we stand out and specialize in compared to most agencies that are only equipped to offer website development and or design. Our designers and developers have been recognized around the world for their App development expertise and solutions delivered.

Would your organization like to become our next award winning client? Contact our team today to get started and grow to new heights.

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Did we miss your question?
Send us a message and we will get back within 24 hours.

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